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Q&A with Seneca’s Tasha Auman – Team Spotlight – Presented by Visit Wichita

Seneca dance coach Tasha Auman interviewed with Prep Sports to talk about her team.

PREP SPORTS: What are the goals of the team this season?  

This year, Our main goal is to be a cohesive group and always be there for each other on and off the dance floor.    

PREP SPORTS: What was the team’s best moment from last season?

The team performed a routine at the Sugar Bears Invitational for the first time and received 2nd place!  

PREP SPORTS: Who is the team’s dynamic duo, and why?

All of the girls are dynamic. 

PREP SPORTS: What is the team’s favorite memory together?

This year we started a tradition to perform with the cheerleaders at halftime for the first home game of the season and football homecoming.  We received so many compliments.  Mostly they loved that we involved both squads in an amazing routine.  

PREP SPORTS: What has been the biggest impression the team has made on you (the coach), and why?

This is my first year back as the Dance Coach so my biggest impression of the team is that they are willing to learn and adapt to a new coach who wants them to be the best version of themselves.  They are always so excited to learn new routines!

PREP SPORTS: What is your favorite part of working with this team?

My favorite part is when the girls walk off the field after a performance and see the huge smiles on their faces!  They work so hard on perfecting the routine and to see their expressions make me so proud of them!  Some days are hard but they always amaze me and persevere no matter what!       

PREP SPORTS: Does the team participate in any community service projects?

We are working on collaborating with a local establishment and hopefully get everything finalized soon.   

PREP SPORTS: Are any players involved in academic excellence activities such as the National Honor Society, Student Council, or other academic clubs?

We have three girls that are members of our HS band.  We have another teammate who is a basketball player for the Indians.  

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