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Seneca’s Isabella Renfro – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by H&R Block’s Cheri Forbis

Seneca athlete Isabella Renfro spoke to Prep Sports recently sharing “I like how there’s a balance of hard work and having fun. We play good music and crack jokes but we still get after it every day and work to improve”. Expressing that “Track has taught me to constantly work to improve. You throw three times in a circle, but if you throw the same distance, the same way every time then it doesn’t matter if you got three attempts or not. There is always something to improve on, you just need to have an eye for it and then a passion to fix it”.

Renfro explained to us that her goals this season are to “place again or even win state in shot-put. A side quest is improving on discus but my main goal is to be on top of that podium in May”.

Not only does Renfro participate in athletics, but she’s also in “Choir Club because I’m a pretty loud person, I randomly start to sing sometimes and it’s a little awkward when you do that but it sounds god awful, so I started going to improve at that. And you never know, they might need someone to sing the National Anthem last minute or something”. In addition, she said “Before wrestling season, every year I would go in and help at the junior high practices. It can be intimidating being a young girl trying a sport for the first time. I like to show them that there are people who have been in their position before and you can only improve from here”.

When discussing what motivates her Renfro shared that her best advice comes from her mother. Saying “My mom always tells me to take a deep breath when I start to get upset. Being afraid or angry never really helps a situation, but being calm and collected can completely change it. Just sitting back and taking a deep breath helps way more than you think”. 

She also gave a shoutout to “Coach Hudson for putting up with me the last four years”.

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