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Seneca’s Eli Manley – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by John Cotten Roofing

VYPE interviewed Seneca Freshman Eli Manley who shared his goals for the future which are “to improve, to win more, and to have a 4.0 GPA.” Helping him get there will be the teammates who Manley named as having had the largest impact on him, Brady Roark and his older brother Andrew Manley.

Manley shared that he “gets to watch them and learn from them as they push him to be better.” It seems as if Manley’s focus on improving himself is a top priority. Sharing with VYPE that if he could have his dream vacation he would attend “a wrestling camp in Iowa”.

This comes as no surprise after hearing Manley’s impression of his team. Recounting his appreciation for the fact that “people are there because they want to be and they are ready to work hard,” some of his favorite things about them.

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