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Seneca’s Olivia Wade – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Lazy Daisy

Seneca girls basketball player Olivia Wade spoke to Prep Sports in a recent interview sharing “My favorite part of being on this team is the chemistry we have. Our coaches put emphasis on being a family and that is exactly what we are. We have faced so much adversity during this season but the continuous support from teammates, coaches, and parents has inspired us to continue persevering”. Wade told us that “For the remainder of this season, I want to bring my 100% to everything. Every practice and game I want to play my best because who knows when that will be your last time stepping on the court”.

Among other things Wade says “Basketball has taught me that you need to find your ‘why?’. Everyone needs to find the reason they keep going everyday, why they continue showing up when they could just quit”.

During her time as an athlete, Wade has been encouraged by the advice she has received. The best of which she shared with us saying “that if you don’t push yourself to the edge, you’ll never see the view. I interpret this as, if you never push yourself all the time, 100% each time, you won’t be able to see what you could/will become”. She has also found inspiration is her mother. Explaining that “She inspires and motivates me every single day and pushes me to pursue the things I love”.

Wade, who is also a member of the Seneca Student Council, expressed that “I would like to give thanks to my coaches. Coach Schulte constantly pushes me every practice. Coach Scott and Coach Hand are constantly uplifting me and helping me when I get down on myself. I also want to thank Coach French for always being one call away when I need her. I also want to thank my teammates for constantly motivating me. Everyone around me is constantly pushing me and allowing me to reach my full potential”. 

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