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Samantha Mack talks about being a member of the band and her plans for life after graduation. 

The heat of the summer and the crisp cold air of the winter does not deter the marching band. They push through the elements in support of the football team playing on Friday night while preparing for their own grueling competition. It’s the nerves of performing in front of an audience as a member of the concert band. It takes skill, determination, and a dedication to being the best performer you can be. 

Seneca High School senior Samantha Mack has performed with the band since elementary school, so we caught up with the senior as she prepares for spring break and eventually graduation. 

VYPE: Samantha, when did you first start performing with the band? 

Mack: I have been in band since my sixth-grade year, so about six or seven years. I play the French horn for concert band, mellophone for marching band, and trumpet for the jazz ensemble. 

VYPE: What do you love most about your band mates at Seneca? 

Mack: My band mates honestly mean the world to me. Sometimes it is difficult to make friends, but it was fairly easy for me especially with the great group of kids in our program. I have never seen such a talented group of young adults and I am excited to see where their futures lead them. 

VYPE: What is it about the band program at Seneca that makes it one of the best? 

Mack: One of the biggest things I love about being in band here at Seneca is that I am always surrounded with students who are extremely determined and dedicated to everything we do. Another thing I love is that this program has always been a home away from home for me as long as I can remember. Whether it’s the directors or students, I have always known that there has been a shoulder for me to lean on throughout my years of being in band. 

VYPE: When you have some free time, how do you like to spend it? 

Mack: I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family. And of course, like any other teenager, I like watching Tik Tok. 

VYPE: If you could take some time to learn another instrument, what would it be? 

Mack: I would love to learn the piano someday. 

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate? 

Mack: After high school, I plan to get my degree in music education so I can share my passion for music with others. 

VYPE: What has being a member of the band taught you?

Mack: The main thing band has taught me other than music is how to express my feelings without having to say a word. 

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